Sunday, June 10, 2012

Feeling great.

I'm sitting here in my cabin, wrapped in a cozy bathrobe after a hot bath under the stars. The kids are snoozing above me in the loft, I have a cold woodchuck hard cider on the table nxt to the plate with slices of rye bread my mother made and brought up yesterday, and the tripple cream brie I've been smearing on it.  A couple candles in the windows and on the table finish it off.

The cabin is finally clean, all the mice remnants vacuumed and swept.  New insulation of the sort that a mouse cannot nest in has been installed, the interior trim has all been measured and cut, and I spent a lovely evening listening to bird song and painting all that trim a lovely light blue.  It will go up in a jiffy tomorrow, and that will be one more step in making this place feel like home.

Water is now running out of pipes a mere 30 feet from the cabin.  I'll figure out where I want the outdoor shower, the stone constant flow basin, and the solar water heating system some time this week and get all that set up.

The porch is fully railed and framed in for the screening.

The view has been opened up so the mountains pop in the distance.  That will be an ongoing project, as the view is available in a 160 degree arc.  The chainsaw loving super brother in law, (calling him that, no matter how long his fiance drags her feet,) opened that view up in a few hours on Saturday.

We hit up a fiddle fest this afternoon that some neighbors threw down the road.  We randomly ran into them at a hotdog stand in Rutland last wek and were invited.  I had never seen such a large gathering for music in Vermont.

The kids are going to get a rhythm at some point.  Bed time has been a three hour long process for the first few nights.  Today I blew through nap-time, forced them to go exploring and play outside, and they were reading in their beds, freshly bathed, by 6:45.  Caspian was out at 7, Annaliese lasted another half hour. 

All of this is to say, I am feeling great, finally have ducks in a row and have worked through the frenzy of trying to get everything ship shape, while functioning with two kids who have very different priorities.  Coming from our lovely house in MS, which is just the way we like it, it's taken some time to calm down in the face of a messy, project riddled cabin.  We've met halfway.

The constant flow of family has been very nice.  I easily lose track of the time between visits, with the steady flow of our life, but after almost a year of not seeing my sisters or parents in person, it's a wonderful feeling to have the summer stretching out in front of us, with loose and frequent visits to enjoy and look forward to.

I'm off to finish up some other posts I've been unable to get to.  I haven't given this nifty internet connection via the iphone a test for uploading pictures, so those may be less frequent, as I visit friends and family with wifi.

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