Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I'm having trouble coming up with post-titles.  Especially since I'm playing catchup here.  There are no orangutans in our immediate realm of experience, outside of the librarian at Unseen University.

Bath time.  

The one thing that I wasn't able to cram into the truck and take north is our rustic washing machine, complete with a stand, two galvanized buckets, and a ringer.  So we went into Rutland to find a laundromat.  The nice thing about laundromats, you can usually find a machine big enough to take a full 30 gallon garbage pail full of camp-dirty clothes.  The bad thing, you have to spend two hours waiting.  

We went to lunch at a cute sandwich shop in the business district of Rutland.  The reuben was not nearly as good as Dixie's at the BTC.

These carts, with seat belts, are priceless.  Such a better shopping experience than the first trip with these two urchins.

Driving back from town with two snoozy kids.  I also forgot the hair-scissors.  Caspian is looking a little shaggy.

Annaliese and Caspian tracing Caspian's space shuttle.

More school work.  She comes out to demand I prep another page, then disappears inside the cabin to work on it by herself.

Caspian chops up the trees and feeds the fire.  I know, the 3 year old is swinging a hatchet.  He's very careful...

The porch finally fully framed in and ready for screen.

She's coming along.  The trim paint has really set her off.  

We took a break to pop over to the grandparents to help get the hay in.  It was nice to have this kind of need raised, and be close enough to pop over for a couple hours and knock it out.  This picture is one of the few I thought to take.  It shows the farmer backing the hay wagon up in my truck.  I had no trouble hooking up int he field and driving this over to my parent's barn.  Backing it up, with the front axle on a swivel, confused the crap out of me.  The farmer backed it right down, within inched of his own tail lights.

I really appreciate people who are good at what they do, whatever it it.

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