Friday, June 15, 2012

The Cabin in Vermont

We arrived at the cabin last Wednesday.  While family and friends visit and check on the place every now and again, and my father and Uncle Harry keep a watchful eye on the access road, the little cabin in the woods had not had life in it for three+ years.  Not in Caspian's lifetime, at least.

She looked a little rough when we first arrived in the Vermont drizzle.  I could not wait to get started.

After entering, there was more to the "getting started" than I thought.  I little bit of clearing back to a fresh slate before I could start all the projects I had in mind.  While the human visitors might have been limited for the past few years, the mice and chipmunks had obviously been making themselves at home.

The place needed a good cleaning.

So I took it back to bare walls first, swept and aired out everything.

Then we started unpacking.  This is not a picture of the full truck, this is after the unpacking had been going for a while.

My parents were kind enough to follow us over, after I filled my father's truck with another half load of "treasures" from the barn.  The piping to get the water from the pond to the cabin was a good portion of that load.

After arriving, they did the most important grandparent job:  keep the kids entertained so I can get things done.

We tried nap time on that first afternoon, it didn't go very well.

The outhouse.  Alexe and I built this before starting on the cabin 6 years ago.  It was a proof of concept of sorts, luckily we learned some lessons, and the cabin hasn't developed the same lean.

The kids have christened this the poop house, and we visit it waaay too often.  In explanation of the name: peeing occurs all over the woods.

The end of the first day.  Those kids fell asleep with the sound of me drilling and screwing up shelving.  

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