Monday, June 25, 2012

Underhill Visit, Part III

a.Caitlin painted everyone's toes to match, in a lovely rainbow.  She started with Annaliese, followed with the impatient Caspian...

Then a.Natalie, and then me!

(We took this when we got back to the cabin.)  Now the whole family will match when we're at the beach in Maine this weekend!

Dan came to visit with his two kids, Julia, here, who is 11 going on 25, and and Owen, who I think is 4.  It was great to see Dan, who has one of the best hearts, and it always feels like another member of the family has arrived when he's around.

The 11 year old started playing with a.Caitlin's newest game system, the one that watches your body as you move.  She was dancing, (Annaliese was amazed, and watched open eyed the whole time,) while a.Natalie got up to compete with the younger lady.  I had fun sitting next to Dan and chuckling in semi-terror about having beautiful, self confident daughters.

Caspian had enough.

Headed back to the cabin, we ran across an ice cream stand just as the kids woke up.  I never would have seen the small sign, but Annaliese spotted it the moment she opened her eyes, and the truck brakes just let us make the turn. 

Back at the cabin after picking up ice and groceries in Rutland, we folded and put away our clean laundry (thank you a.C for the laundry facilities,) made and at dinner, had a warm bath, and all crawled into bed.  The kids slept until after 8 this morning, and we've had a lovely, lazy, pancake filled rainy monday morning.

We're getting suited up now to go find rocks and start working on the horse trough/fountain.  Annaliese has been sitting on my shoulder chanting "let's go" in my ear for the last 5 minutes.

Cheers everyone.

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