Monday, June 18, 2012

Lovely Evening

Following a pleasant and productive day in the woods, with a short jaunt into Shrewsbury's coop for provisions, the evening has included:

Hot dogs cooked over the outside fire, served with raw broccoli. 
Several trips up to the loft, and back down, for the kids in their bedtime ritual.
A final splitting and stacking session on the firewood project to get the body temperature up.  (The outdoor shower is being ringed in "privacy screens" of chest-high stacks of split wood.)
A freezing cold shower in the outdoor shower, literally water piped from a fresh mountain stream.
A warm up session next to the toasty wood stove inside.
A hot bath on the porch, including the Rutland Herald and the New York Times as reading material.  My first attention paid to the "real" world in a couple weeks.  I find the political gyrations particularly pointless.

Now I'm sitting with my feet propped up near the wood stove, enjoying the sounds of little snores from above.


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