Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Caspian received this octopus for his birthday.  We put it in water and set it on the picnic table, and each morning it looks like it's trying to crawl out of the basin.

The kids are experienced at helping me split and stack wood.

This is a subset of a series.  After warming up from the wood-chopping-stacking, we all took our shirts off.  A photo-shoot followed:

(Annaliese has had a severe talking to about cutting her bangs at every opportunity.  We discussed how if she doesn't want her hair in her face, she needs to let me put her pony tail(s) in.  I just hope I've tracked down all the scissors.)

New porch counter.  That green bottle is a Maine Root ginger ale.  Strong stuff, at least 4 levels of spice hit you in quick succession.  Took me 2 hours to drink that bottle, one sip at a time, breathing fire after each.

The firewood serves two purposes.  The first is obvious, the second is as privacy screening for the outdoor shower.  Eventually the shower will be masked to shoulder height, (mine, so everyone else should be fine and modest,) on all sides except for out towards the mountains.

Evening swinging.  We moved the workshop away from the cabin, up into the grove of trees where Alexe and I camped during the cabin-construction month six years ago.  We then raked all around the cabin, and she's looking downright cute.

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